Arriving in Canada

Well, we are here in Peterborough and settling in! We had a heart stopping moment right at the beginning of our journey at the airport when the check in man told us we didn’t have our visas for our transit through America linked to our passports (we did have visas just not in the new passports!) – dashed off to the desk nearby, fortunately no queue and fortunately no computer slowness in the US visa system which happens sometimes apparently, the gods having smiled upon us, we dashed to the gate! No lounging in the lounge or shopping in the shops! Still, we made it to the plane. We negotiated our way through LA airport, which makes Sydney airport look positively modern and Terminal 5 at Heathrow futuristic! Arriving in Toronto to find ourselves in yet another queue for Simon’s visa – I thought that we had already spent hours at the Canadian High Commission in Sydney to sort that out! Finally, finally, after sleeping in the minivan we arrived at our destination – so unprepossessing is the front door that the bus driver wouldn’t let  us out until Derek (the landlord/caretaker?) arrived to let us in! Fortunately the inside is better than the outside and so here we are…..


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