Starting at Arrowsmith

ImageFollowing our very busy weekend, with the culturally opposite experiences from the farmer’s market to shopping at Walmart’s on Sunday – we have never seen such a huge array of Halloween decorations including a huge blowup black cat with a head that moved from side to side, on Monday we set off to the Arrowsmith school. We found the right bus at the right time and then walked the ten minutes or so over the canal to school. Simon went off for the start of his assessments, of which there are many, the results of which determine Simon’s programme. I walked back into town with Elizabeth, via a cup of tea at her house and the health food store. After a yoga session in the yoga studio around the corner, the teacher reminding me, maybe a little unfairly on my part, of Brian in “The boat that rocked”, I walked back to Arrowsmith to pick up Simon. he was very happy but exhausted, as predicted by teachers and students alike! The assessments are onerous – so much so that Simon could only do a shorter session today, but perhaps his tiredness was due to the fact we also moved apartments last night – only next door and although it was the quickest move I have ever mode, we still seemed to have accumulated quite a lot more than we had when we arrived – thank goodness for the shopping trolley we bought at Walmart’s instead of buying a car!


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