Our first week in Peterborough


We have done so much this week, it seems (and not in a bad way) as if we have been here much longer than a week! Simon has finished all his Arrowsmith assessments, has done the training for how to work on the programme and is now ready to start his Arrowsmith programme next week – he has impressed his teachers with his persistence, pushing through, and how quickly he picked up the training! They have high expectations of him! Equally as important, Simon has settled into classroom well, chatting and mixing with the other students and is up and ready to go in the mornings long before I am!

In the meantime, I have opened a bank account which is a breeze here compared to Australia where you are treated as if you are a drug lord, wanting only to open a bank account to launder your illegally earnt money!  The lady in the bank could not have been nicer, she showed me which snow boots we should buy and told me which shops are having sales at the moment! I have also joined a nearby gym – for those rainy (and snowy) days like today when I didn’t feel like walking to and from Arrowsmith (and soon enough Simon will be going on his own, anyway!). We joined the library which is surprisingly large and seems very active, with a monthly book group both for adults and teens – don’t think Simon will be going along to that just yet, but the best bit is there is a café in the midst of the library!

We have walked and walked, the weather has been glorious, blue skies and autumn colours are an inspiring combination making me want to be outside as much as possible. There are canals and rivers at every turn which make walking all the more enjoyable.

We went to a fun Aussie night last night as one of the dads heads for home today, having settled his wife and son in. There are 6 Aussie students attending Arrowsmith from 8 years old to over 60, all determined to re-set their brains! In this environment, with such an amazing support network amongst the Arrowsmith families, I am sure they will succeed. It is very exciting to have this opportunity for Simon and, although we miss our family and friends, and, of course, Rusty, we are thrilled to have had such a great first week!


4 thoughts on “Our first week in Peterborough

  1. Hi Fiona and Simon
    Great to read your progress sounds like you have walked through the looking glass into an alternative universe

  2. Great Blog Fiona. These pumpkin and fall photos are giving me lovely memories of our years in the NE of the US. Unlike Canada , however, getting a bank account in the US is an absolute nightmare!!! Big hugs to you and Simon xx

  3. Its incredible Fiona. I don’t know a lot about the Arrowsmith program but will be researching.
    Love to you both

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