Starting today…..

And so another week begins, Simon started his Arrowsmith programme today and had a great day – he is being eased in slowly with no homework as yet, although he does have 30 minutes of typing practice – I’m not sure how that doesn’t count as homework! From next week he will have to stay until 4.30 doing 2 lessons of homework – it is quite a long day and then do even more homework at home!  Apparently the students are absolutely exhausted in the first few weeks – their brains literally ache!

We had quite a quiet weekend, in preparation for the start of Simon’s programme. We did go out on Friday night as we had been invited out to the “Friday nighters” – a group of current and ex-Arrowsmith students who meet to play video games and “hang” together. I loved the description that Andrea, the lovely mum who set up the group, used for teenage boys  “they are just like bats – they simply hang”! Simon was quite tentative about going but disappeared down into the basement and I heard snatches of laughter and chatting all evening! He had a great time! I enjoyed chatting with Andrea and meeting some of the other mums too.

We went off to the Farmer’s market on Saturday to buy more beautiful vegetables and other goodies and chat with the very friendly farmers! Then we had a quiet afternoon, keeping out of the pelting rain! As we did on Sunday, until we decided to go out to Value Village – a huge op shop set out like a supermarket where we found most of what we wanted – I didn’t think 2 wine glasses would suffice once both Michael and Vicky arrive next week for a fleeting  visit!  And Simon and I are often to be found sitting side by side at our big desk on our computers so we needed another office chair!

Let’s hope that the weather picks up and I can get out and about and continue my explorations of Peterborough whilst Simon is at Arrowsmith! I am planning to go to Toronto once Simon is doing his long days!


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