Fabulous day!

Fabulous day!

We had a wonderful day exploring the Kawarthas (land of shining waters) just outside Peterborough with Michael and Vicky – we saw many beautiful places and had a great lunch too! The fabulous weather was a bonus.


5 thoughts on “Fabulous day!

  1. Hi Simon and Fiona

    Looks like you are on quite some adventure. Loving the pictures of an Autumnal Canada and excited to hear about Simon’s participation in the Arrowsmith Program. Lots of love to you both!

    ceinwen, tim and ewan

  2. Just beautiful!! I feel relaxed just looking at it! Hope Simon’s brain isn’t too sore!! HSC starts tomorrow, so lots of sore brains here!

    • Hi Karren,
      So glad you are enjoying our blog! Such fun writing it and picking the photos – amazing to have enough time, rather than dashing all over the place! Simon’s brain is really sore but that is why we are here! Best wishes for the HSC! F x

  3. Just gorgeous photos..

    thank you for sharing…we are surrounded by fires here in Sydney…smoke filled air yet again today…your air looks clear clean and crisp!

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