Our weekend plans

We tried to upload a photo of Simon’s timetable but something weird is going on as the photo wouldn’t upload so we will do that next week and then Simon can explain what he does all day, which will be good as I have no idea! Here are our weekend plans instead – I am off to Newport in the US to meet up with Michael and stay with his colleague, David and his family, in his 12 or 17 bedroom beach house, with a ballroom! Sailing is on the agenda! Simon is out to a birthday party on Friday night, at a haunted house! He is meeting up with some of the other students to go to the Farmer’s Market and a movie, and out for dinner. I don’t think he will have a moment to himself! 

Have a great weekend everyone – would love to hear what you have all been up to!


One thought on “Our weekend plans

  1. H i finally I have had a look at your wonderful blog! You both look fabulous — beaming with energy! So glad. I hope you and Mike get to use the ballroom and show them how it is done!! Simon you sound like you have a much busier weekend planned than your parents!! ( and that is hard to beat!). Looking forward to reading more. Much Love Cheryl xx

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