Our separate weekends!

As promised, now you have been exhausted by reading about Simon’s day as described in his timetable, this is what we did over the weekend! Simon was “abandoned” in Peterborough, he went to a Haunted House birthday party on Friday evening and happily chatted with Sandra, Cory’s mum, whilst they listened to the screams coming from inside the house! I would have been with them too! He did go on a train where people dressed in Halloween costumes jumped onto the train, taking customers shoes and anything they could grab – they did give them back at the end! On Saturday he went to the Farmer’s market with Amanda, one of the other adult students, and onto an ice hockey game which was fun to watch. Simon says it was very rough! Amanda is planning to take up ice hockey, not sure of the wisdom of that since she is Irish-Australian and was not born with ice in her veins, unlike the Canadians who are also born with a hockey stick in their hand! On the way back they stopped at a bike shop for a couple of hours whilst Amanda bought a bike. Just back home and off he  went with our neighbours, another adult student, Sami and his mum to the movie “Captain Phillips” starring Tom Hanks as the captain of a ship hijacked by Somali pirates – based on a true story. Simon said it was a great movie and I have usually enjoyed his recommendations, apart from “The Impossible” which was too scary for me! Out to dinner with an adult student, Col,weekend in Newport 033 and his family on both Saturday and Sunday. Skyping Ben after dinner and speaking with Jean on Sunday, together with Mavis, Sheila and Hazel were also highlights of Simon’s weekend.

And I haven’t even got to my weekend yet – feeling as if I were in a movie set in the 22 bedroom house in Newport, not forgetting the ballroom – no opportunity to dance though! I will post some of the many highlights tomorrow. Here we are sailing on Northern Winds, a beautiful old wooden yacht, happy husband at the helm!


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