My splendid weekend!

My splendid weekend!

Having shared Simon’s weekend with you, here is the story of mine. Michael and I had a wonderful weekend, courtesy of David and Candy. Michael met David, a fellow ob/gyn (as they say in the US!) last year in New York who invited him to stay after the meeting in Boston that Michael and 11,000 other ob/gyns attended! This is their house in Newport – we stayed in the bedroom to the right of the balcony, one of 22 bedrooms – the ends of the house containing the kitchen, butlers pantry and the ballroom aren’t visible in the photo. There are 3 staircases – what a wonderful place for “sardines” or hide and seek! David has an encyclopedic knowledge of Newport, the mansions and the sailing history, much of which he imparted to us with great enthusiasm. Taking us to the Herreshof museum full of fabulous wooden yachts, cruisers and famous America’s Cup winning yachts together with the history of the America’s cup – it was fascinating. Especially as we went sailing in a similar yacht in the afternoon on a glorious autumn day, with blue skies and the perfect wind! Dinner at the Black Pearl, with the most delicious, creamy clam chowder finished off the day. The previous day had been equally interesting in Boston, with David showing us through Harvard, his alma mater, and then to the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum, an extraordinary, eclectic collection of paintings, furniture and artefacts from many countries – anything that took Isabella Stewart Gardners fancy! All housed in the museum she designed and built to house her 2500 piece collection to give “people” an opportunity to see more beauty than in their usual lives – a sense of umami as you wander through.


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