It snowed today!

It snowed today!

We woke up this morning and for the first time I considered switching on the heating rather than relying on the ambient heat from the building, which usually allows us to wear tshirts and shorts in the evenings as it is so hot! This morning was different and what I thought was frost on the cars outside was snow! Wet flakes fell as we set off for the bus station – this is when I discovered that for an unknown reason,long forgotten and unfathomable, the hood was no longer on my ski jacket. Style going out of the window in favour of warmth, I wrapped my head in my scarf and looked like a hobo! Simon, meanwhile, was very cosy in his brand new ski jacket, with a down inner! A cold and very brisk walk back to our warm apartment, admiring the beginnings of a winter wonderland with snow on the roofs (rooves, as it is spelt here!) and some clinging to the leaves underfoot – beautiful but unfortunately I dashed out without my ipad so no photos!
Here is a photo from the weekend, it was at the Cooks Table in Newport where Michael ate with David and Candy on Thursday evening – Simon liked this photo!


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