Rain, rain, go away!

Rain, rain, go away!

Come again another day! What a wet, wet morning! We set off in all our wet weather gear (thank heavens for our New Zealand trip for which we had to buy all the gear!) to the Farmer’s Market but we had to stop halfway to buy Simon some waterproof boots. His trainers were soaked and we didn’t bring his hiking boots, since after the Gold Duke of Ed hike he said he would never put them on until he is 25 years olf! So, a good while later and with “Bogs” on his feet – a photo to follow tomorrow – we set off again. Simon said he would prefer it if it snowed rather than rained – that is something I think I might be reminding him of when it is snowing! There were very few stalls at the market – half had simply not turned up, given the weather. Those who were there looked wet, cold and rather miserable. We came home with many extra goodies given to us by stall holders grateful we had made the big effort to come in the rain! We huddled inside for the rest of the day, once again pottering whilst listening to Harry Potter and cooking dinner for Amanda, one of Simon’s fellow adult students, a gorgeous person. We had a lovely evening with her, and a lovely chat with Jean earlier in the afternoon – we love facetime!
We have been here a month now, and this is what we were doing just before we left – celebrating the end of year 12, having our own Pre’s before the Blue and White Ball.


6 thoughts on “Rain, rain, go away!

  1. Wow, seems you are having a ball. We have been babysitting in London for Gavin’s children at half term and have only just read about all your plans. I notice your first post was on Sept 29th and wonder how long you will be away. Will contact Simon on his own email. Lots of love, Pat and Stanton xx

  2. I just imagine the look of the people behind the stalls you two troopers arrive! I would really like to find out if Simon is going to eat his words when the snow comes 🙂

    Corrrr check out the fitty in red 😉 and how about those photography skills?!

  3. Gorgeous Family photo! What a night!!!
    Alex Jallohs mum arrived the 3 weeks ago and its been a world wind time…Alex hasnt seen his Mum since he left Sierra Leone 10 years ago…so its been an emotional roller coaster….
    Jane left last Thursday as Alex sat his final HSC exam Religion 2 unit….

    Wow so much has happened for you all in a month…

    thank you for sharing

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