Here we are on our parent’s walk this morning – all rugged up against the much lower temperatures we have been experiencing this week. From left to right, Frances, Leah, me, Lynette and Elizabeth (and Lynette’s friend Toni who took the photo!) all braved -6 to go for a frosty walk on a beautiful sunny morning in the picturesque Jackson Park, where we saw the most magnificent heron.
I have been thinking about some quirky Canadian ways! When I arrived here I had no idea that the general manner of greeting someone is to hug them – I have overcome the reserved Englishwoman in me who found this rather forward! Nevertheless I still find it somewhat strange to be hugged upon introduction to someone I have only just met! It even makes the Australian/Riverview habit of shaking hands seem rather overformal!
And as for “eh” on the end of every sentence – who knew! Simon and I have bought a Canada-opoly game and stated on the lid is “A Canadian game from “eh” to z! I am sure we will make more observations as time goes by!


2 thoughts on “Canadians!

  1. Good to see you making friends!!! It took Vincent ages to get used to the U.S man handshake that goes into a full on hug with his male friends!!! Amazingly we slip right back on into it whenever we are back in the states…… does become problematic on returning to Aus. and forgetting where you are ( particularly if you are a man!)
    I spent some years not knowing how many kisses on the cheek to give on greeting after living in Singapore!
    We will think of you tomorrow at Heather’s lunch eh.

  2. greeting etiquette – so complicated! Poor Vincent! And then there is my brother in law who always gives three kisses in England when everyone else does two – no wonder we are confused! I heard you had a lovely lunch eh! Please tell me if I start saying eh! I am sure I will!

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