Our first Canadian Halloween

Our first Canadian Halloween

Simon has had a great day, dashing off to school with his costume and a ghoulish stick which makes extremely spooky noises in his backpack, all set for Halloween. Guess which one he is! His class set up a haunted house in the rec room for the other class, most of whom are younger students. Simon was the spooky door opener and let the students in to crawl through a maze with “ghosts” banging on desks on top of them! Then they had to put their hands into boxes to feel different things – one was someone’s head, one contained peeled grapes, another had cold spaghetti – yuk! Then back to the reality of Arrowsmith exercises! After Arrowsmith finished we walked to Elizabeth and Shanah’s to join everyone for a Halloween dinner – pumpkin soup and pizzas! All dressed up, Simon and the others set off around the neighbourhood to trick and treat at all the houses with a light on in their front porch or a lit pumpkin – there were some very impressive pumpkins! Simon, however, was more interested in his loot! Back to Elizabeth’s and that was enough for some but Simon and Lauren were keen for more so we set off to a new neighbourhood, being driven by Diane and directed by Leah – we found a good spot with plenty of houses with lights on and pumpkins lit – lots more loot later, with the rain pouring down now, Simon and Lauren were finally satisfied! Back to Elizabeth’s for delicious hot chocolates and then home to put the loot away – he has enough chocolates, wine gums, and lollipops to last a very long time! No wonder he loves Halloween so much! We hope you had a Happy Halloween too!


2 thoughts on “Our first Canadian Halloween

  1. Yes we had a very Happy Halloween celebrating Ems 21st……lots of fun had by all…
    but we swapped the chocolate for Champagne!!!!

  2. How fantastic to do Halloween in Canada, would love to see some pics of the pumpkins. We do Halloween here too thanks to the preponderance of Canadians, funnily enough. Lovely to see your pictures of the crisp canadian countryside.

    I am sure you are aware of the fires in NSW and the weather they have been having. Here on the south coast of WA things are a little more mellow and this week we had our first hint of the summer to come. Only lasted a day or two but it was gorgeous.

    As I type there are two kangaroos hanging around in front of the dining room. It is like they know that it is the place to eat! Ewan is chortling away madly to himself about some crazy minecraft youtube video he is watching. He turned 10 two weeks ago and it is really weird to try and relate this proper person to the baby that he was.

    Homesickness is a funny thing, I still feel homesick for London, yet when I was there I was homesick for Australia. Home is really the place where you don’t have to make an effort, you can just be.

    I hope Simon is enjoying his new school and that you are gathering some good folk around you. Enjoy.

    ceinwen and the boys

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