It’s raining again!

It's raining again!

Does anyone remember the Supertramp song from the 80’s? It seemed to be stuck in my head this morning as we were walking to the Farmer’s Market! This, we have been told, is much more the usual weather than that which we have enjoyed for the past month. It is becoming more wintry by the day – all the flowers have gone from the flower beds in the parks, trees are being wrapped up, the farmer’s market has moved inside, the Wednesday farmer’s market is finished and the café by Little Lake is empty and closed until May 14th 2014! It seemed to us, as we walked back through the rain, less hard and more drizzly, that the river was running much faster into Little Lake than it was when we first saw the lake. The men who run the locks told us that they continue to control the 1,800 kms of waterways throughout the winter – we were amazed by that fact! They ensure that the land below the locks are not flooded nor are they dried out with lack of water.
Completely unrelated , we thought this sign was very amusing! We think everyone should “stoop and scoop!” when necessary – sorry about the finger in the photo!


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