We’ve been here well over a month now!

In between the musings for our blog we have had a pretty busy weekend. With Friday nighters for Simon, video games, and hanging with the boys, whilst I “chatted” on facebook with girlfriends who made me laugh in a way I haven’t for a while – so naughty and so funny! We mentioned the Farmer’s Market yesterday but didn’t mention that we went to a lovely potluck dinner with some Arrowsmith families, it was great to share our stories over a glass or two of wine whilst the “kids” were downstairs – Simon was a bit caught between the kids and the adults, starting downstairs and then migrating upstairs to sit and chat and show everyone photos on my iPad. I love the concept of potluck with everyone contributing something to the meal – the same as “bring a plate” in Sydney. Today we woke up to a bright sunny morning so borrowed a bike for me and Simon tried out his newly fixed-up bike which we found by the side of the road. It is usual here to put out the things you no longer need, sofas, garden furniture and luckily for us, bikes! People spot them and if they need whatever has been put out, they take it! Recycling in action! We cycled quite a way along the river up towards Trent University but we need our proper bike shorts to stop the sore nether regions. We would need to wear them under some outer layers, as it was -6 when we set out, despite the sun! There were lots of people out on bikes, walking and roller blading with long poles – some form of training for ice hockey we thought?
Late in the afternoon we went to the movies to see “Captain Philips” – I know Simon saw it previously but he wanted to see it again and as I hadn’t seen it and Simon had recommended it, off we went, together with Amanda. What Simon had failed to tell me was that it was incredibly tense, much like “Argo” and all the more scary because it is based on a true story. I won’t do a “spoiler” and tell you what happens, suffice to say I was shaking throughout! And so was Simon, he says it was more scary the second time around, but he wasn’t gripping the seat as I was! Tom Hanks was. of course, brilliant!


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