The Golden Hammer

Two exciting things today – despite the cold start to the day, we decided to cycle to Arrowsmith this morning – a bit more exercise than taking the bus and I am working to increase Simon’s confidence on his bike and learning to deal with traffic.  Doing that is a lot easier here than in Sydney because it is so much flatter, there is minimal traffic by comparison and the traffic is a good deal more respectful! Simon was tentative along the roadways but once we hit the park he was off! There was no keeping up with him – much like Michael in Switzerland where he left us all way behind, not checking how far we were falling behind nor stopping until he had made it to the creperie several kilometres later! If only I could get Michael out dancing or cycling more often, he would be as fit as a fiddle!

Back to Peterborough, the other exciting event was that Simon was given the Golden Hammer by Amanda. It is given from one student to another and the recipient keeps it for a week and then passes it onto another worthy recipient. Unfortunately I can’t tell you why Amanda chose Simon over the other students as he can’t remember – he is going to ask her tomorrow!

And quite separately, for someone who hasn’t watched tv or looked at the news on my iPad for quite some time (if anything important happens in the world I do hope someone will let me know!) I heard that Lou Reed had died. “Walk on the Wild Side” is an amazing song but one I feel will bring back both happy and sad memories for so many of us is “Such a Perfect Day”. Vale Lou Reed.


2 thoughts on “The Golden Hammer

  1. Have finally made the time to sit and read your amazing blog Fi. It is wonderful! And the photos are amazing. Best one is of the family all dolled up. Loved it. The girls look divine – just gorgeous adn Simon is so dapper. you look like their sister! So glad you ahve all having such wonderful experiences. Will continue to follow you all now. As youu know I have been off doing Trans Siberian Mongolian railway trip – fantastic adventure but yours is so much more civilised!

    • Thanks Annie! So glad you enjoyed the blog – keep reading! The Blue and White was such a special night – we all loved celebrating Simon’s year 12 finale with him. It was funny – Lara was wearing one of my old dresses, Emma was wearing Lara’s dress and I was wearing Emma’s dress! I hope we will hear about your trip – I am sure it was an amazing adventure! Love to you all. xxxxxx

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