The Golden Hammer continued!

Amanda said she gave Simon the Golden Hammer (which is, in fact, brass) because even though he has only arrived recently he has fitted into the class really well, brings a spark with him, is always cheerful and has applied himself and works with great determination! Well, I am really proud of him and what a ringing endorsement for him! Inspiring, oh and, very causally, he told me that he had moved onto the next level of Word, which is known as a Mastery, what a great achievement!

I, in the meantime, had a lovely day, walking with the parent’s walking group in Trent University Nature reserve, the same two trails which Simon and I walked the day after Thanksgiving, far fewer leaves both on the trees and underfoot and far muddier.  We watched a canoe paddling by, it looked so peaceful – definitely on my list of things to do once the weather warms up and Simon is keen too. Our walk was followed by an early lunch and long chat with a gorgeous Aussie mum and it was good to talk about the shocking state of politics in Australia and set the world to rights (if only!). Perhaps the world would be a better place if women were in charge! 
This evening I “abandoned” Simon again to go to a meditation class (I know my family will be laughing their heads off right now!), it was really interesting as we were discussing the link between animals, birds and spirituality. We had to pick an animal card and mine was of a rabbit, the meaning of which was creativity and it said my creativity was at a peak and to keep on going in whatever area I was being creative – I think that is a sign to keep on blogging!


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