Where did that week go?

Another week has passed by all too quickly, the usual mix of Simon working hard, me pottering, walking, going to the gym as well as the bonus of the Canoe Museum, having cups of tea and chatting with Mums but an added extra was going to IKEA on Friday! I am discovering a few things about myself being here and one of them is that I can’t live without any colour in my life – perhaps not surprising after 27 years of living with Michael! I cracked last week and decided that I couldn’t bear all the brown in this apartment any longer and when one of the other mums said she was going to IKEA I jumped at the chance to go along! As it turned out there were 4 of us in all and we went in convoy as there was lots of shopping to be done! Driving along the highway with fields and trees dusted with snow on either side of the road but the closer we got to Toronto the less snow there was and so many more leaves left on the trees compared to Peterborough. We wandered through IKEA separately, meeting for lunch and then we gathered together for helping make those tough decisions – round or square table, wood or glass and which sort of chairs – easy for me as I wasn’t buying anything that big! All I wanted was colour! It is amazing how some colour brightens my mood! I smile to myself each time I look at the cheerful, colourful spotty duvet cover on my bed rather than the hideous brown cover, as does Simon when he goes into his room and sees the cover he chose (on the internet) and I am thankful that I can go and brighten our lives so readily.
Friday night found me alone as Simon went out bowling with some of his class mates. He had a really good time. I watched Barbara Arrowsmith Young’s harrowing talk about mental health and learning disabilities – there an extraordinary talk at the end recorded by a young man and his thoughts on the programme and what it has done for him which was inspiring. I urge you to find it and listen – google Eaton Arrowsmith, neuroplasticity, education, conference and you should find it. Otherwise wait until tomorrow and I will add in the link.
On Saturday Simon suffered his first bout of homesickness – the joy of facetiming/skyping dear friends and family can sometimes be outweighed by the hole that is left once the connection is broken. What he most wanted was some time alone, so I went off on a journey with friends to Toronto, had a lovely walk and chat and then came home again to find Simon much recovered, having had a sleep, spoken with Vicky, watched a movie and put loads more photos on his wall.
Today we explored the Mall, the size of which reflects the size of Peterborough! If we need any serious shopping it will have to wait! And no photo opportunities there! Later Amanda came for dinner, we discussed Barbara’s talk and how it had made the students feel to have their issues laid bare – it was tough hearing their words said out loud by Barbara but the hope is that it will lead to more understanding and compassion for their plight. We taught Amanda how to play Uno and then she went off into the night in her gorgeous new warm coat on her e-scooter! And now it is way past my bedtime!


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