Our coldest day yet!

Our coldest day yet!

I hope you will be able to see from this photo what we really saw whilst on our parents walk this morning. It was amazing to see the top layer of this pond frozen but still so clearly see the plants below the frozen surface, it was really beautiful in the bright sunlight and the ice was just thick enough to take the weight of the 2 Golden Retrievers accompanying us on our walk! It was so good to have Poppy and Maple with us, running back and forth with boundless energy, vigour and enthusiasm. The sky was a crispy blue, with the mud and leaves crunching underfoot! The three Arrowsmith mums who could make the walk this morning had a wonderful walk through Trent University Nature Reserve.
Later in the day I made my way down to the New Canadian Centre (more of that another day) with my knees freezing on the way! I don’t think I have ever had such cold knees before – despite my cosy new coat and Icebreaker leggings under my leggings – time for warm trousers! The equipment needed to keep warm seems endless, as is the putting on all the layers in the morning, and as soon as you get inside you have to start taking them all off again as all the buildings are so hot! Definitely a first world problem.
Actually, when I read of the Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and the devastation that it wrought I felt embarrassed for my post on our trip to IKEA and the need for colour in my life – those who suffered the typhoon may have lost loved ones and don’t have a home or any possessions anymore. I can’t imagine what it is like to have no roof over your head and unable to find food or water for your children. I can’t do much but I feel that the work Habitat for Humanity is doing in distributing shelter repair kits to families who have lost their homes is very worthwhile. Whilst there are many charities and volunteers doing amazing work this, I feel, is a very practical way in which we who have much can give to those who have so little. I apologise if I am sounding as if I am preaching but I can’t help it after my IKEA splurge and then seeing all the images from the Philippines.


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