Matt’s inspiring quotes

Each week Matt, aka Mr Coppins, puts an inspiring quote on the white board. Simon has quoted them to me on several occasions now so these words are etching themselves into his mind and heart. Matt is more a mentor, in Simon’s opinion, than a teacher as he doesn’t actually teach the students as teachers do at school – he guides them through the exercises, encourages them when they are struggling, listens to their answers for some of the exercises and puts all their data into the programme and is always happy and encouraging with a firm belief in their abilities.

So far the quotes have been:

It always seems impossible until it’s done. Nelson Mandela

Be yourself,  everyone else is taken. Oscar Wilde

10% of life is what happens to you, 90% is how you react to it. Charles R Swindoll

There are 2 quotes this week: 

The world was not made for you but for you to make it better for everyone. (I couldn’t find the author of this quote but on the board it said “Melon”!

I am by nature a dealer in words and words are the most powerful drugs known to humanity. On the board it said “some guy Amanda likes” – I have found that the guy Amanda likes is Rudyard Kipling!  And what a great quote!

I copied these down so that they will continue to inspire Simon long after he has finished Arrowsmith and Simon wanted to share them with you all.

Matt (I find it hard not to call him Mr Coppins, just as Simon finds it hard not to call him Sir) called me in today to talk to him – I was a little worried!  He wanted to explain that Simon was not, unlike the other students, getting a progress report for this month because he hadn’t done a month’s worth of work after starting later than the other students. He is very happy that Simon has settled in well and is applying himself and working very hard and is making good progress. He has asked Simon to start reading, much to Simon’s horror and distress. Simon has to find a book or a comic or anything with words in it of his choosing by Monday  – a bit of a challenge for the rest of the week and the weekend. Perhaps he will find one in one of the big bookshops in Toronto where we are meeting up with Vicky for a quick visit this weekend!


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