Our Toronto Weekend!

Our Toronto Weekend!

What fun we had with Vicky in Toronto! This is Simon and Mitch the moose, with Vicky in the background, in our suite! How glamorous – a suite!
After we picked Vicky up from the airport we made our way to our hotel and, after dumping our few bags, we set off for the CN Tower – the 3 hour wait to go up decided us to venture elsewhere! It was a glorious day so we walked to the Distillery district, via a wine tasting we came upon and Joe Fresh, as recommended by Shelagh for good clothes at good prices. The Distillery district is a great combination of groovy galleries, cafes, restaurants, emerging artists and history set amongst the old distillery buildings and cobbled streets. We found Mitch the moose nestled in a lovely little shop, Reiner’s Originals, and had to buy him – he will make a great addition to Nendaz! The only problem was that he was quite heavy to carry back to our hotel – Simon nobly carried him a long way, until we stopped back at the wine tasting and Joe Fresh and tried on lots of clothes. My turn to carry him back to the hotel – much to the amusement of those passing by! Mitch is, by the way, a footstool/ottoman, made of leather and seemingly filled with concrete!
Our evening panned out a little differently to our original plan – champagne (thanks Vicky!), wine and thai take away whilst Vicky worked with Simon to sort out Simon’s iPad problems, followed by Phase 10 – a fun card game, but tricky late in the evening after a long day!
Today saw us in Chinatown and at Kensington Market, where we found a fantastic vintage shop, Exile, probably the best we have ever seen. It was arranged by items and type of clothing – from sparkling sequinned dresses/tops/shorts, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s , fringed cowboy waistcoats and jackets, furs, awful (seriously tasteless!) Christmas jumpers to beautiful flapper dresses! On and on it went – the place to go for any themed party whatsoever! We could have spent hours in there! We were heading to Yorkville, a rather more staid and upmarket area but were waylaid by the Santa Parade – we couldn’t drive through it, obviously! So we parked and stopped to watch for a while, as it turned out it was almost the end of the parade – there were a few bands, Smurfs, Ronald McDonald and some people marching who were dressed in unusual costumes which gave no clue as to what they were meant to be! We found Williams Sonoma, one of Vicky’s favourite shops full of cooking equipment, cook books, and special sauces, marinades, cake mixes and so much more, all of which are beautifully presented, so now I have a big jar of their delicious pulled pork marinade! It was probably just as well that time was marching on! A quick but delicious lunch in a little café called Bacio, Vicky and I shared some scrumptious mushroom agnoletti and a pear and melted cheese sandwich – perfect, whilst Simon enjoyed his vegetarian pizza – an authentic thin pizza – amazing for such a small café. We left Vicky at Pearson Airport and headed back to Peterborough with rather more bags than we had when we set off, and a moose!


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