Did you know?

Did you know?

Did you know that Canada derives its name from “Kanata”, an Ouendat word meaning village or meeting place. This I learnt in the Canoe Museum which deserves to be visited by many more visitors. The rest of the quote reads “We are reminded that this land had been known and occupied for many centuries by myriad Native People with their own languages, cultures and histories. Europeans benefitted from Aboriginal knowledge of the harsh, often severe landscapes”. I think that sounded rather familiar to the Aussies visiting the Canoe Museum.
Another did you know – Florence Nightingale owned over 60 cats in her lifetime! I am not sure how she had time with all the crusading nursing reforms she was busy bringing about – I can’t verify the truth of this, since it was on a billboard outside a pet accessory store in Toronto!
And the most important did you know today is that there are currently 25 schools in the US, 18 in Canada, 4 in Australia and 2 in New Zealand who are implementing the Arrowsmith programme for cognitive improvement – I don’t know how many students there are in each programme but it must add up to a few hundred brains working on the programmes devised by Barbara Arrowsmith Young, improving their cognitive functions and giving themselves the best chance to realise their dreams. It is very exciting that there are more prospective schools currently planning to start the programme – the powerful combination of neuroplasticity and education is becoming a reality as is the realisation that for those students who put in the hard yards (as they say in Australia) there will be a fundamental change in their capacity as learners to learn.
The following is the address to view the lectures at the recent conference on neuroplasticity and learning which are very well worth watching:

Just thought I’d add in another of our Toronto photos – shame we couldn’t get the top of the CN Tower in too!


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