Winter is coming, whether we like it or not!

Winter is coming, whether we like it or not!

So said someone to us today! This is me, all rugged up on the way to Arrowsmith this morning with Simon, where he was heading to have a busy day and I was meeting up with the walking group. We were only 4 this morning but we had a lovely walk once again through the Trent University Nature Reserve – one of our favourites! There was quite a bit of snow on the ground as in the photo and the ground was a combination of crispy and muddy as the sun came out. Our walk was followed by a warming and delicious beef and ginger soup at the café around the corner, Sam’s to which Lynette introduced me and is fast becoming our post-walk regular!
Tonight the temperature is plummeting to -12 and tomorrow morning is -5 with a wind chill factor making it feel like -10! The Wild Women On Top (my Sydney trek training group, just in case you are wondering what a Wild Woman On Top is!) maxim is that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad equipment! We will find out how bad or good our equipment is in the next few days and see if our boots and coats can keep us warm with the wild and chilly Peterborough winds! I met someone this evening who say his horses are eating more than ever and already have their winter coats – apparently that means it is going to be a long, hard winter! Eek! I think I might turn into a squirrel and hibernate! No hibernating for Simon, he will have to go to Arrowsmith regardless of the weather!
And I have to announce that Simon “mastered” tracing today – that means he goes up to a more difficult level tomorrow. I am very proud of him, all the hard yards he is putting in (as they say in Australia) are paying off.


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