Hungry for Change

Hungry for Change

This was some of the beautiful produce that we saw in the Chinatown area of Toronto over the weekend, as well as fabulous fish shops with names of fishes I had never seen before. We weren’t game to buy them as they would have had a long afternoon in the car before we headed back to Peterborough and I am not sure the hire car company would have appreciated the result, and nor would we!
The reason I am showing this is because we, the Parents Group, met today to watch a film “Hungry for Change” – a documentary describing the extraordinary lengths large food companies go to in order to entice us to eat foods which have resulted in the growing obesity problems world-wide along with many other health issues such as heart problems and diabetes to name just a couple. Insightful Interviews with nutritionists, health experts and people who have turned their lives around (one man who weighed over 400lbs and now is healthy, fit and well and promotes his life style changing ways – the Gabriel diet) and, notable for me, was the extract from Jamie Oliver’s TED talk, all made for some shocking viewing. Ultimately, the more natural your diet (food intake, not diet as in losing weight) , the healthier you will be – it makes perfect sense but for those addicted to sugar and the evil diet drinks, particularly coke, it is hard to break the addiction – as hard as nicotine. The irony of our watching this whilst eating brownies, cookies and cocoa balls with dates and walnuts was not lost on us!
It sparked a good discussion and swapping of recipes. Has anyone out there seen this documentary and what did you think? What should we watch next time we meet in a month? And does anyone know what those brown peppers are and how to cook them?


2 thoughts on “Hungry for Change

  1. You have excelled as an information provider, Fiona. I am very impressed!
    We are in the process of asking for a review of Transition to Work funding as Ben was refused. His IQ was too high. How about that? The school staff are very supportive and we hope for funding to be ok as we feel it is necessary for him.
    As Ben is not going on Schoolies week, so we have booked on a 12 day cruise to NZ leaving 7 December. We are all looking forward to it, especially Ben. Ted and I are a little pannicky as there is a lot for us to do. I suppose we will get there as usual.
    I hope you continue to see improvement. It is a wonderful opportunity for Simon. We do miss him – and you also. Take care in the slippery weather.

    • Hi Judy, I am so glad you are enjoying the blog. I will email you about Ben but hope you have a lovely time on your cruise – he was very excited about it when he spoke to Simon on Skype. I am thrilled they are keeping in touch and skyping. Dashing out but will reply properly soon, F x

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