David Bowie

David Bowie

I set off with some kind friends who gave me a lift most of the way into Toronto and made my way to the Art Gallery of Ontario on the subway which seemed super-efficient and clean to me. The Art Gallery is such an impressive building but my iPad photos didn’t do it justice and besides the iPad froze as it was so cold! I must find out what the lowest temperature it will tolerate is as I would hate to freeze it! All that to say, the photo today is not of the Art Gallery but shows some detail of the work I mentioned yesterday by the artist, Mazinani – I hope you can see the small images which make up the bigger pattern.
Into the David Bowie exhibition I waltzed – no queues mid-morning but it was so crowded once inside! It was a fabulous exhibition, showing the breadth of his work and the reach of his influence, through his songs, costumes, films, notebooks and musical scores. The sheer variety of his interests in terms of reading, musical influences, films, plays, fashion and culture upon his work was astounding.
So many memories came flooding back as I listened to the music and remembered watching Top of the Pops and not quite knowing what David Bowie was all about but that, I think, was the point of him. I think if it had been less crowded it might not have been so overwhelming but squeezing between the people to read the all information took some of the enjoyment out of it, but nonetheless, I am pleased that I went to see it before it moves onto Sao Paulo, Chicago, Paris and Groningen (wherever that is).
As it says in the AGO magazine, Art Matters, Bowie’s greatest achievement is arguably to say to everybody, not just the elite, that you can be anything you want to be – in look, image, identity, belief, sexual orientation – if you are determined enough. Indeed, in the title od a recent song, he references St Catherine of Siena’s bold statement “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire”.
I enjoyed a great lunch of a beautiful Salad Nicoise and a glass of delicious chardonnay from Niagara in the Member’s Lounge (thanks Vicky, Richard and Jean for making me a member!), then slept all the way back on the Greyhound bus to arrive home to find Simon in good spirits, looking forward to Friday Nighters! Simon had a good day too!


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