Our Harry Potter fest!

Apart from a brief outing to the Farmer’s Market, the library and a lovely Artisan Christmas market, through a flurry of snow, we have had a day of indulgence watching Harry Potter. We watched the first two films last week and today we watched the next 3 – The Prisoner of Azkaban, The Goblet of Fire and The Order of the Phoenix. It is probably just as well that the next two were missing from the library or we would still be watching them! It has been so interesting  to watch the younger actors learning their craft, from very young and quite wooden performances in the first film to nuanced and sophisticated as they grow up. The constant theme through the books and the films of the power of love, friendship and loyalty triumphing over evil is inspiring, although J K Rowling says that her main theme is death, together with corruption and prejudice which I find interesting as those are not the main themes that I see and for Simon, it is the friendships that he loves to watch (and listen to). Having listened to the entire series read by Steven Fry and now watching the films we are enjoying working out how the screenplays vary from the plot in the books in the process of making the plot flow cinematically. Simon tells me exactly what is missing when and he sometimes says the words as Harry is saying them as he knows the stories so well.

Ultimately, I believe, the story is about fighting for what is right and good and being prepared to sacrifice yourself for the greater good – much like Primo Levi’s autobiography/book “If This Is A Man”, it makes me wonder if I could be that brave should it ever come to that? As Albus Dumbledore says “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities”. 


2 thoughts on “Our Harry Potter fest!

  1. OMG I have fallen behind a few days and now I have so much reading to catch up on ! This is like uni al lover again !
    Fiona you are so prolific
    You should edit this all into a book
    “A year in Peterborough “!

    • Hi Hanja,
      I am not sure that many people would want to read it but we are enjoying writing the blog and so glad you are enjoying reading it! I am sure it is not nearly as erudite as the texts you have to read for Uni! Enjoy the Uni holidays!

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