The usual!

The usual!

We have enjoyed our usual Saturday, starting with a visit to the Peterborough Farmer’s Market to gather our weekly supply of veggies and other goodies, walking back home up George Street, dragging our heavy shopping trolley which was suffering a frozen wheel! Home to watch the finale of our Harry Potter movie marathon, which we have so enjoyed, whilst dipping carrots, peppers of every hue and pitta bread into very garlicky hummus from the Farmer’s Market, Off to the library to return the movies and fortunately for there was a fabulous sunset whilst we were out. Jean facetimed us and we (well, I) had a chat with her, whilst chopping and making a big batch of soup ready for the week – still making lunches after all these years! Then I headed off to the Peterborough Art School Art Auction, I put some bids in for the silent auction but didn’t feel compelled to stay for the live auction. Dinner and Deltora Quest, the next series of audio books to which we are now listening and a chat with Michael. We will see what tomorrow holds!
This is a photo of the main street, George Street, Downtown with the Christmas lights – so simple but so pretty. There are lots of houses with Christmas lights and we’ll have to have a drive to look at them all – somehow the lights look brighter offset by snow on the eaves!

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