Well, my friends, you may laugh at the thought of me knitting but here is the beginning of my first square which was knitted at our “knitting circle” this morning! There were 4 knitters and 1 crocheter (if there is such a word!) and we sat and chatted whilst we knitted, 2 of us almost beginners and one beginner, but she had cheated by watching a Youtube video on how to knit so she picked it up really quickly, and Elizabeth, who is a good knitter, and we are guided by Cathy who provides not only the space in the shop, Crop Circles, but also much encouragement! One of the mums said her son was quite bemused at the notion of her knitting – only grannies do that!
We are knitting 10 inch by 10 inch squares and will, eventually, make a blanket to send to Wrapped With Love, an amazing Australian charity which has sent out over 320,000 blankets in the past 20 years to people all over the world who are in need of some warmth.
I was thrilled tonight when Judy, who, during the winter, stays with her granddaughter, a fellow Arrowsmith student, rang me about our outing on Wednesday and mentioned that she had knitted 2 squares for us already! And she hadn’t even told me that she was doing that! What a great start to our project!
So if any of you reading our blog would like to join us and knit a square for us (not for us, you know what I mean!) that would be great – the pattern is on the Wrapped with Love website – it is simply 4 mm needles and 8 ply yarn and cast on between 50 to 55 stitches until you get to 10 inches and then start knitting all plain stitches, otherwise the squares curl, until you have a 10 inch square. Easy!
We were inspired to do this by wanting to do something more than simply send money to the victims of the Typhoon Haiyan – I don’t think our blanket will be finished in time to help them but we are happy to be knitting knowing that we will help keep someone warm and cosy one day soon.
And whilst we were knitting, Simon’s name was picked to be “Student of the Week” next week which means he has to give a talk, about 5 minutes, all about himself, his family, pets interests – an introduction to himself so everyone can know him better. All the students have to do this at some pint during the year. He is keen to get his power point finished and he was most definite that he does not want any help from me!


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