Christmas and Lakefield

Christmas and Lakefield

This is the glorious sight that greets us as we enter the front door of the Arrowsmith School in Peterborough – I hope it gladdens the heart of the students as much as it gladdens mine whenever I enter. What a beautiful tree and I love the reindeer on the table too.
Today, we parents had an excursion to Lakefield today, there were only a few us but we had a great time, exploring the beautiful town and enjoying the lovely shops where I was thrilled to find Canadian Christmas presents to send to friends in Australia! I doubt they will get there in time for Christmas now but it is the thought that counts! With Dorothy as our guide we explored from one end of Lakefield to the other, stopping at and shopping in Stuff, The Chocolate Rabbit and Tragically Hipp (we have to go back for a make-over some time soon!) amongst others. We enjoyed a really good, delicious lunch at the Thirsty Loon, after which Dorothy took us, via Lakefield College (famed for its famous or would that be infamous student Prince Andrew), to the Trading Post at Youngs Point, no Adirondack chairs out the front now – in which Michael slept whilst Simon, Vicky and I explored the shop and surrounds on what now seems a long ago October day. I suppose it is obvious but it looked so very different in different season – can’t wait to get back there when it is spring! But for now I have to write my Christmas cards and pack up my parcels and hope that I am more successful than the last couple of years – not managing to send all the cards and news which I had planned to! And of course, in my grand plan I was going to have finished everything I had to do for Christmas long before now! Oh well, nothing changes it seems no matter where I am in the world!


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