Making the World a better place one square at a time!

Making the World a better place one square at a time!

We, Arrowsmith families, are making a blanket, maybe more than one if we get really keen, for Wrapped with Love – so far we have 4 complete squares and one almost done (mine!). Jean showed me that she is knitting one for us which I will collect when we see each other at Christmas – it was such a nice surprise, just as the squares from Judy were. Lynette was thrilled to finish her square today as we chatted over our knitting this morning! Mine is taking me a little longer – too much going on but I am hoping to finish it and start another one this week.
It got me thinking about being homeless in this weather, being homeless is hard enough but the combination of no shelter and a harsh winter must be terrible. There seem to be many deaths from respiratory illness because of exposure. There is a big toy drive on for children who wouldn’t otherwise receive presents but I think maybe some warm clothes and blankets might be more useful, albeit boring compared to toys.
I feel we are very lucky to be here in our warm, cosy apartment living a very comfortable life and I am reminded of the saying “To whom much is given, much is expected”. Well, knitting is a small way of giving back but I feel I should be doing something more. While I ponder this and the meaning of life, Simon is working away at his exercises, making progress and making new neural pathways which take quite a long while to grow!


4 thoughts on “Making the World a better place one square at a time!

  1. Fi, in no way do I want to be seen encouraging children, could you knit in pouches for toys into the blankets and also knit small toys to go in them? I am not suggesting an Xbox or a Playstation 4, more small animals. If accepted, I am not seeking any reward or profit, but you may want to call them ‘Richard’s Blankets of Fun’ in my honour.

    • HI Richard, Fabulous idea! However the instructions from Wrapped with Love are very specific and I can’t take up your suggestion but thank you anyway. If I ever knit your idea I will name those blankets after you!

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