Mad Hair Day!

Mad Hair Day!

Because this is the last full week of the Peterborough Arrowsmith term (I can’t believe it!) this week is Spirit Week – the students participate in a week of activities and show their spirit by the enthusiasm with which they embrace the themes! The older students can choose whether they join in or not – as today was mad hair or mad hat day Simon joined in! He didn’t need to do much, just fluff up his scruffy hair! It has been noted that he is beginning to look like young Einstein! And it should be mentioned that Einstein did not have a particularly good time at school, one of his teachers told him that he would never amount to anything! Despite his mad hair, Simon wished that he had had access to Michael’s box of mad hats! I don’t think anyone had a hat as mad as any of those in Michael’s vast collection!
Tomorrow everyone is off to see a production of Oliver Twist which Simon is excited about. Thursday is “Dress up as your Hero” – real or fictional – not sure if Simon wants to participate in that one but I think he will be wearing his pajamas (as it is spelt here!) to school on Friday for pajama day (suitable for school!).


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