Chicago – more fun!

Chicago - more fun!

We started our day in the gym again, Simon having first taken himself to Starbucks in the hotel foyer to get a hot chocolate to wait until it was time to wake us up! He had woken Vicky far too early, in her opinion, the previous morning with his iPad flashing and fingers bashing the screen all too loudly! After the gym, Beach Burritos were called for to sustain us through the day – delicious freshly made burritos, tacos, nachos or quesadillas in, of course, American-sized portions! We walked to Navy Pier, looked out on the frozen lake and went straight inside to the Winter Wonderland where Simon was keen to go into the snowcone and cover us with snow! That was the highlight of his weekend! Winter wonderland was amazing, an entire hangar-like space filled with amusement rides, huge bouncy castles, an ice rink, dodgems cars, food stalls and a bar, together with a massive Christmas tree and scenes depicting the traditions and Father Christmas in many different countries.
Missing the trolley bus by a moment we walked back from Navy Pier, via the shops!
“Not another pair of boots Mum!” is a constant refrain from Simon now! (Sorry Michael!)
The Lego shop was amazing with the main window filled with the Chicago skyline made of lego – extraordinary! We headed off to view the skyline from the cocktail bar of the John Hancock building but it was after 7 o’clock and Simon wasn’t allowed up there! Even if he wasn’t drinking he still had to be 21 after 7 o’clock so we had to abandon that idea! So , cocktail-less, we leapt into a taxi to Vicky’s favourite Chicago pizza restaurant, Rinaldo’s – disaster, it was closed for renovations! The end of the world, according to Vicky! Onto the second best, Uno, a different style of pizza, deep pan. I have to admit I am a pizza purist and prefer the Italian think crusty pizza, sparse with topping so a deep pan pizza wasn’t ever going to be my favourite but you have to try everything once (at least!). It was tasty and interesting but so very rich and I had ordered, on Vicky’s suggestion, the smallest possible pizza, about the size of a side plate but still could only manage about half of it! Back to the hotel for a night cap and to try to squeeze all our shopping into our suitcases which was quite a challenge!
An early start to a long day – it took from 8.30 am until 5pm to get back to our cosy apartment – which is a long journey, considering the flight is only an hour! Still, so worth it for all the fun!
And today, Simon is back to Arrowsmith, with Mr Coppins/Matt back from his adventure with a beard! And the walking group braved the -21 temperature to walk in the beautiful Jackson Park again. We saw a couple of people out on the cross country skis – that is how much snow there was over the weekend, whilst we were in Chicago!


2 thoughts on “Chicago – more fun!

  1. Just discovered your blog , Fi and have really enjoyed catching up with your adventures. Sounds like you are having a great time and so pleased to hear Simon is doing well at Arrowsmith.
    Have a beautiful white Christmas.
    Love Allie x

    • Hi Allie,
      I have just discovered your comment! I hope I haven’t already replied as things got a bit hectic around leaving Peterborough for Christmas in London! We are back now and settling back into the COLD – it was -27 today! London and Switzerland were balmy by comparison! It was great to be together with Michael, Emma and Lara again, as well as my sister, Vicky, her husband Richard and Jean, my auntie. I am sure you enjoyed having Edwina and her family with you all for Christmas. Enjoy the summer holidays – have a swim and a mango or two for us! Please send everyone our love and I am sorry for the lack of Christmas cards this year – I am a disaster! I am glad you are enjoying the blog. Fi x

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