Wonderful winter!

Wonderful winter!

This, we can hardly believe, is the canal that was so bright with autumn colours when we first arrived! Now it is monochromatic, like a black and white photo! It is frozen over and covered in snow but not yet safe enough for cross country skiing or ice skating – those joys are yet to come! The passing of the seasons is something we, in Sydney, miss. Our seasons are not as defined, whereas here each has its own special beauty.
We are off to London tomorrow to celebrate Christmas and the New Year with our family – we are so looking forward to seeing them all again! I am not sure I shall be disciplined enough to post a blog each day and so, just in case I don’t, we wish you the happiest of Christmas and New Years and may you spend time filled with laughter and love with the ones you love. Simon is really looking forward to his well deserved holiday but is rather disappointed that it is only 2 weeks instead of the usual Aussie 8 weeks!


6 thoughts on “Wonderful winter!

  1. Dear Fiona, Simon, and family, I have enjoyed reading your regular blogs and eagerly look forward to the next instalment. They are also enjoyed by Joan and Fiona to whom I forward them. We, ( Australian families plus Dominic) party of 11, are heading off to India in early January for a short holiday. We all wish you a very Happy Christmas and healthy New Year, Brian

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    • Dear Brian,
      I am so pleased you, Joan and Fiona are enjoying the blog – we are enjoying writing it and feel it will be a wonderful reminder of our time here when we return to our “real” life! I hope you are all having a wonderful time in India, what an adventure, I look forward to hearing all about it! I hope you have had a lovely Christmas and New Year and very best wishes for 2014, Fiona and Simon

  2. Dear Readers, I am about to start a blog detailing how my happy, jolly life gets turned upside down by an influx of family at this normally festive time of year. I am envious of the people of Peterborough and hope your Christmas will be more fun then mine.

    • Dear Richard,
      I hope you are now starting a blog about life returning to normal! Thanks for all the fun over Christmas and New Year, especially New Year’s Eve with the firework misadventure on the balcony – I have video evidence! And the people of Peterborough had a wonderful Christmas! F x

  3. To Fiona and Simon
    Please have a wonderful Christmas with your family in London.
    I jumped on to read your Blog because there were scenes of a ‘weather event’ in Canada on this evening’s news and I instantly thought of you both.
    When I read that you had left for London, I was relieved. No doubt it is very cold in London but somehow with Christmas to celebrate and family around you, I’m sure it doesn’t feel quite that cold.
    Take Care
    Julie Crockett

    • Dear Julie,
      Thank you so much for your Christmas wishes and for your concern for us. We did have a wonderful Christmas with our family. It was lovely to be together again.
      We missed that terrible storm but are now in the grip of the very cold weather, it was -27 today with a windchill factor making it feel more like -37! We are learning to dress with many layers! Snow everywhere so it is very beautiful and will be so for some time! Apparently the snow melts in April!
      I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New year and wishing you all the very best for 2014,
      Fiona and Simon

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