Back to a new term at Arrowsmith

Back to a new term at Arrowsmith

Well, I can’t believe that Christmas and New Year have been and gone – all that anticipation, excitement and shopping over so quickly! We had a wonderful time away, spending lots of special times with our family and friends, apart from the obvious highlight of being together as a family once again, other highlights include an indulgent massage followed by a champagne lunch to celebrate a special birthday with a great friend, dinners with friends, drinks with friends, going to the Warner Brothers studios where Harry Potter was filmed(second time for me and Simon but great to see Emma and Lara and my god-daughter and her family enjoying it as much as we had the first time), the Christmas Eve Carol Service at St Paul’s Cathedral, Michael and Simon went off the London Dungeon to be scared witless whilst we enjoyed the sublime singing of the choristers, an amazing feast by dint of communal effort for Christmas lunch and then ski-ing, the beautiful mountains, not great snow but not long queues either, long lunches and even longer dinners, New Year’s Eve featured some rather spectacular fireworks on our balcony and lots of fun and laughter, New Year’s Day was rather more subdued! More ski-ing, more lunches and dinners and then the usual complicated travel arrangements ensued, all leaving together but dropping Emma and Lara is a rather fabulous house near Geneva to spend the day before heading back to the UK, Michael heading back to Sydney from Heathrow whilst Simon and I came back to Peterborough. A rather snowier Peterborough than when we left with large snow banks along the roads and the river almost frozen over as we discovered on our long walk today.
Reading over this, it seems our holiday can be summarised as eating, drinking and enjoying much love, laughter and good company and that is what Christmas is all about!
Ready for the new term tomorrow Simon?


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