In my haste

In my haste

to finish writing the blog last night as Simon was keen to go to bed early, and I was keen for him to go to bed early given that today was the first day of the new term at Arrowsmith, I forgot to mention a couple of other highlights from our time away. One was the beautiful torchlight parade where the ski instructors as well as the talented young skiers in Nendaz ski down the mountain, I don’t know how many skiers there are with flames flickering from their torches zig-zagging down the mountain but it takes 4 minutes for them to come past, and what a beautiful way to spend 4 minutes! it is a wonderful spectacle which I feel very privileged to have watched and I know that the skiers love being a part of it. It was a special start to our New Year’s Eve festivities, even with the debacle of my losing two of our guests in my haste to find a good spot from which to video the parade – they forgave me and enjoyed the video!
And the other highlight was the completion of the Impossipuzzle that Simon had bought Michael for Christmas – what a puzzle it was! Even Michael, puzzler extraordinaire, was daunted but Emma persisted and, many, many hours of work later, very impressively, finished it, with help from Simon.
Back in Peterborough Simon had a great day today, presenting his photo albums which Michael had found in Simon’s bedroom, remembered to pack and delivered them safely halfway around the world! Simon was “student of the week” where the student has to present a talk so the rest of the students can get to know them better.
In the meantime, I went to my knitting group and the gym where the excesses of Christmas became evident quite quickly during my spin class, with me huffing and puffing my way through it!
And now, we are bracing ourselves for a big storm! We have been lucky enough to miss the big storms so far but I think we will be right in the centre of it this time, according to the weather forecast. We have bought torches and a little camping gas cooker, just in case and have plenty of chocolate and other supplies to keep us going if need be! Trudging through the snow and preparing for the snowstorm put me in mind of a wonderfully written, desperately devastating novel about the siege of Leningrad that I read with my book group some time ago – amazing how a great book can remain in one’s mind, without one even knowing it is still there. I truly believe the saying that a reader lives a thousand lives, a non-reader lives only one. Hence, my passionate support for the Arrowsmith programme and the cognitive improvements which come about allowing students who had previously had terrible experiences with reading to appreciate the joys of reading.


4 thoughts on “In my haste

  1. Fiona,
    I am really enjoying your journal.
    Hope you are OK with the storm.
    We are down in the Southern Highlands where we have a place & these 3 days are a working bee to take down the old house tank & replace with a new one. The new tank is coming from Taree & is expected in the next half hour! These jobs always are more complicated than expected.
    Your Arrowsmith Community sounds a wonderful support group.
    Look forward to seeing you early 2014.
    Audrey Flood

    • Hi Audrey,
      I am so pleased you are enjoying reading our blog – it is nice a way in which to keep everyone up to date with what we are up to and good to reflect on the day at the end of it.
      The storm seems not to have been as bad as possibly predicted but it is bitterly cold – I have no idea how anyone survived without electricity and heating and all the wonderful clothing now available!
      Good luck with your working bee! I hope it does not get too complicated!
      Yes, the Arrowsmith families are a wonderful group of people, we are truly blessed, they have made our settling in here so easy and made us so very welcome.
      I am looking forward to catching up with the book group soon and in the meantime, happy reading!

  2. Thank goodness I was notwith you when you were doing that puzzle or I would have become obsessed and not skied at all till it was done!
    Well done Simon with your presentation!

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