The usual Friday

The usual Friday

It was a pretty usual Friday with Simon heading off to Arrowsmith, me to the gym and doing some research on my computer, emailing and keeping in touch with everyone. A quiet night in, listening to Deltora Quest (now that we have finished listening to all the Harry Potter books), whilst knitting (me, not Simon!), since Friday nighters was cancelled because it is Andrea’s mother’s 90th birthday. However, Andrea’s mother forbade Andrea to drive to Toronto for fear of the freezing rain which makes driving horribly dangerous. So, Friday nighters was on again and off we went with Andrea, since it wasn’t raining here in Peterborough. Simon disappeared into the basement and Andrea and I sorted out the world over a red wine or two!
Back now to find the café over the road in full swing – the loudest music for quite some time and since it isn’t snowing or raining, people are gathered on the street smoking and shrieking – that is the price of living downtown!
Since watching these films on the plane on the way back I have been meaning to mention and recommend them – “About time” is a Richard Curtis film – very English, very Richard Curtis, I loved it and anyone who, like me, loves Richard Curtis (see how I have managed to mention him three times in one sentence!) will love it too – the quirky humour, the wonderful portrayal of “an extraordinary ordinary life” and the message to make the most of each and every day. “The Butler” was obviously completely different – loosely based on the true story of a butler who served in the White House over 34 years, from 1957 onwards, Forest Whittaker was, as always, marvellous, as was Oprah, much to my surprise, I must admit. The portrayals of each of the Presidents were really well done – I didn’t even recognise Robin Williams!
At the end of the day I would say our ordinary day is another great day in Peterborough!


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