Guilty pleasures!

Guilty pleasures!

Pyjama day today! What a wonderful, guilty pleasure! We had a day of sumptuous food, cooking, listening to Deltora Quest and watching “Tomorrow When the War Began” (again!).
We started the day with Eggs Benedict – l know they aren’t perfect but we are working to perfect the vortex technique but the hollandaise sauce, along with the smoked salmon, was delicious! Then, as there were egg whites left over we made meringues – brown sugar doesn’t work in meringues -(sorry Lara I know you’ve told me that before!) they look like dog poo but they taste fine if you shut your eyes when eating! Next, a big batch of tomato sauce, some for the freezer, some for tomorrow’s dinner, followed by a huge pot of butternut squash soup and some of that we ate for lunch, all the while listening to the adventures of Leaf, Jasmine and Bader in Deltora Quest. Thank you for the inspiration to cook, Victor! Then it was out of the kitchen so Simon could write all his Christmas thank you letters – he did a great job. Finally, time to relax and watch a movie – we couldn’t resist a little Australiana with “Tomorrow When the War Began” , based on the first of a great series of books written by John Marsden, starring one of our dear friends! We wish they had gone onto to make the rest of the series.
Zucchini, goats cheese pasta for dinner, based on the recipe cooked for us many years ago in Sicily by a special Italian friend, Nino, delicious!
Oh, and chatting to our nearest and dearest on facetime too, the perfect lazy Sunday!


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