Perfect! At least the start of the day was…

Perfect! At least the start of the day was...

Simon made the most perfect omelette for breakfast this morning! It was not the perfect day, however, he is missing home and can’t wait for the March break. We went through the calendar and there is a lot going on between now and then, so hopefully he will make it!
I have just read this, to Simon, from Barbara’s book:
“Day by day, month by month, as I persisted through the clock exercise I had devised, the metaphorical fog that had enveloped me for almost three decades began to lift. I was quite literally forging new pathways in my brain. The big and little hands of a clock finally began to makes sense to me. Then came the defining moment in my life.
I remember in June 1978 excitedly pulling philosophy books from a shelf. I would open one book, read a page, and immediately understand what I was reading, then pull another book from the shelf and repeat, until I was surrounded by a pile of more than one hundred books. Why so many? I wanted to make sure that this was not just some random happenstance, so I continued until I had enough evidence that I could read and understand this complex material.
Not long into the clock exercise, I vividly remember watching the “60 Minutes” current affairs program on television and suddenly understanding what was being said as the commentator was speaking. No more having to memorise the dialogue to play it back later (many times,in her head, in order to understand it – my explanation). I watching with my friend Michael, who was always light-years ahead of me in these situations, and I remember his shocked look as I made a comment showing that I understood perfectly what had just been said. This had never happened before. It was as if I had been blind and now I could see.”
After which Simon said “And I’ll be reading all the books on my shelf before too long!”. I am glad that Barbara’s words can inspire him to keep going even when the going gets tough.


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