Saturday musings

It was so late last night when we got back from Friday nighters we just had to go straight to bed! No time to post a blog! Simon had a great time downstairs as did I upstairs, red wine, beautiful cheeses and good company

Today it wasn’t as icy outside as it was last week so headed off to the Farmer’s Market. Apparently last Saturday the “emerge”, as it is known here, was packed with people waiting to get their broken wrists set! We definitely made the right decision to turn around and stay inside rather than venture out and brave the ice!

Back to the Farmer’s market – the selection of produce on sale gets smaller and smaller as the winter wears on which only goes to show how much of the produce in the supermarkets is not seasonal or has been flown a long way to get to us. It is all very well trying to be a locavore but I don’t think we can live on apples and root vegetables alone!

I left Simon to have a quiet night in, much needed after last night followed by Michael breaking into our sleep-in to say good morning as he headed to bed! I went to an evening of meditation and chanting (my family will be laughing hysterically as they read this, and, no doubt, making disparaging comments about weaving looms!) but I found it very liberating to sing/chant for two+ hours, without feeling horribly self-conscious as I usually do. I loved it!

And now I must head for bed. I have to see what happens to George Mallory in his attempt to conquer Everest but I fear the worst. I am reading “Above All Things” for the Peterborough Library Book Club – an engrossing novel. And I am looking forward to an exciting breakfast tomorrow!

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