In Prague!

In Prague!

Yeah, I made it! I dashed to our knitting group this morning, where as you can see we have enough squares for at least one blanket, thanks to Lynette, Michelle! Frances and Judy, and Jean too! A big thank you to Cathy too at Crop Circle for her help and cheerful encouragement and to Elizabeth for her support and expertise, they both pick up the stitches we loose and cast on and off for us!
I was picked up, dropped off at the airport to find the ticket Michael had bought me had been cancelled, my credit card was declined and I was thinking I would have to go back to Peterborough! My wonderful Canadian bank increased my credit limit so I could buy a ticket! The plane was delayed and I had to check my small suitcase in so it is now in Paris and I am here! And I had to run for my connection in Paris and left behind the champagne I bought for Michael as I dashed through security! All in all, quite a stressful journey! Anyway, here I am and Michael is about to arrive any minute!
I haven’t seen much of Prague yet, other than out of the shuttle bus and on the walk from the wrong Hilton to the right Hilton! What I have seen looks gorgeous and I am looking forward to exploring!


2 thoughts on “In Prague!

  1. Hi Fiona I cant believe your luggage went to Paris , while you went to Prague! Why does this keep happening to you? I laughed when I read how you dashed through security and left your champagne- you really do need to write a book about your adventures. You would have a best seller on your hands. You are missing nothing here but frigid weather, you chose a good time to get out of Ptbo. I hope you are enjoying your holiday and will have to fill us in on everything when you return. We miss you! I haven’t been to a class at the gym since you left. Michelle

    • Thanks for your lovely message Michelle! all I have done is eat and drink and walk so will need to get back to the gym with you! Are we booked in to spin next week! I was glad I hadn’t bought my knitting when my bag went missing! Look forward to seeing you on Monday! F x

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