Prague is quite lovely!

Prague is quite lovely!

Well here we are on the Charles Bridge, after a tour of Prague Castle and before going on to the Astronomical Clock, perfect timing to see it chime, not just chime as those of you who have seen it will know! I was amazed and fascinated by it, it was extraordinary! The city is beautiful, such colours and different styles of architecture. The best bit about being here at this time is the lack of tourists, no huge crush of humanity all trying to see the same thing at the same time! Our so knowledgeable and interesting tour guide told us that usually the Charles Bridge is full of tourists and here we are almost alone on it!
I am off to the Opera tonight to see Madam Butterfly whilst Michael goes to his conference dinner, which I am not allowed to attend under International Conference rules! I am sure I will enjoy Madam Butterfly very much and my visit to the Opera House will add another Opera House to my collection! I have many places still to visit to see operas in opera houses throughout the world!
Simon is faring well in Peterborough, despite the cold! He and Amanda were having trout for dinner as they decided that would be good for their brains! I think I will get back to my fridge still containing all the food I prepared for Simon before I left!


4 thoughts on “Prague is quite lovely!

  1. Oh Fiona! I envy you! Prague looks beautiful and I am sure “Madame Butterfly”would have been wonderful. We saw it here last year with the Japanese soprano and loved it. You look cold and we have been enjoying hot weather. It has been too hot in Melbourne for the tennis players but they soldier on and we sit in front of the TV enjoying the show.

    Ben has a provider in Chatswood and will do a Business course at TAFE. It was very pleasing to hear that he and Simon have skyped again. I am expecting Ben home any time now as he has had a couple of nights on camp with the Carers group from Kirribilli. He really looks forward to this camp and is now 17 and will be too old next year. We are hoping they do something that he can join in with.

    Our second son, Michael, in London, is coming for a visit with his family at the end of April. Everyone is looking forward to meeting the “miracle” baby. She is amazing.

    All the best to you and Simon. I hope the rest of the year goes well for both of you.


    • Hi Judy,
      lovely to hear from you. Prague was beautiful. I think the production of Madam Butterfly that you saw was more exciting than the one I saw but it was fabulous to be at the opera nonetheless.
      I am glad Ben has been away – all steps towards more independence. And it is great that he and Simon are keeping in touch.
      How lovely that Michael and his family are coming to visit – I hope you will send photos of the “miracle” baby – I am sure that all the prayers and good wishes made a difference.
      Much love to you all,
      Fiona and Simon

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