imageThis is such a beautiful city to wander, meandering through the small winding streets of the old town, stopping to take photos whilst admiring the rich colours of the buildings and the extraordinary variety of architectural styles. That was my afternoon, having spent the morning catching up with an old friend, breakfast went on for over three hours but then again, after fifteen or so years there is so much to catch up!
On the recommendation of our lovely guide, Ireena, I made my way to Municipal House, a fabulous Art Deco building and then to the Powder Tower, one of the most recognisable buildings in Prague. 188 steps later I had the most magnificent view over the rooftops of Prague, definitely worth the climb! I wandered back to the Charles Bridge as I didn’t feel I did it justice yesterday in terms of taking photos as I was so absorbed in the history that Ireena was describing. More wandering, more photo opportunities before I happened upon a tiny cafe, time for some warming tea! The cafe was set in the palace where Milos Forman filmed Amadeus, which I will now have to watch again with new eyes, looking for streets through which I have wandered.
On to the Mucha exhibition which was stunning, not only in the beauty of his posters, his most famous being that of Sarah Bernhardt, but also the breadth of his works, including many drawings. Another place worthy of a visit.
Back again to Municipal House, where I was joined by the husband of one of Michael’s colleagues who was also not allowed at the Conference Dinner. We went instead to a concert “The best of Mozart and Dvorak”. It seemed the most apt option given that Swan Lake was being performed by 3 dancers, dancing to music on a CD, and all over in an hour! I am sure the musical amongst you would have felt the choice of pieces at our concert was rather pedestrian but for me it was divine. What is not to love with the Serenade in G major, A Little Night Music, Divertimento KV136 – Allegro and Il Largo from Dvorak’s New World Symphony featured in the programme, particularly as we were seated only a couple of metres from the musicians of the Prague Music Chamber Orchestra.
A drink at The American Bar, the very definition of Art Nouveau architecture, and now I am here, about to write all my postcards and pack! I can’t quite believe that this time tomorrow I will almost be back in my quirky apartment with Simon! This will seem like a dream! As I said to Michael my extraordinary ordinary life is not ordinary at all, I think I am amazingly lucky to have an extraordinary extraordinary life!


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