An easy journey!


I have to say having a much more straightforward journey back to Peterborough was definitely more relaxing for me but doesn’t make for a good story! Since this was a day time journey I watched three films, not that I would have been able to go to sleep had I wanted to, being surrounded by 30 or so overexcited, noisy Italian students who were heading to Toronto on exchange! I thought Ashton Kutcher was great as Steve Jobs in “Jobs” but, in my opinion, even better was Daniel Bruhl in “Rush” as James Hunt’s arch rival, Niki Lauder, I don’t particularly enjoy Formula One racing but Rush was gripping. Daniel Bruhl was also in “The Fifth Estate”, a fascinating look at the Wikileaks story. I enjoyed “Diana” and think Naomi Watts did a pretty good imitation of Diana but I have to ask the question, why bother? I also have to ask my secret source of inside knowledge how much of it was true and how much was Hollywood distorting the truth for the sake of a good story. And finally, I wish I had chosen the Gerard Depardieu movie (despite his terrible behaviour I still love  him) rather than Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby”- it was beautiful, very Baz Luhrmann but why remake what was such a fabulous film when there must be so many stories to tell?

Add to that reading the International Herald Tribune from cover to cover as well as finishing “The Cellist of Sarajevo” and that was my day. Both made me remember what a small, comfortable life I have and that I need to look outward and see what is happening in the world more often.

Back to my small, comfortable life in very snowy, very cold Peterborough where Simon had enjoyed his “freedom” and Friday nighters.

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