Old friends!

Old friends!

I was lucky enough to spend time with these lovely ladies today in Toronto! Shelagh met me at the bus station and whisked me off to “Verity”, the most lovely ladies club – I didn’t know what a private ladies club was but now I do! We had to revive ourselves with a cup of tea after walking there, 15 minutes and we were frozen! We chatted non-stop catching up with all our news, a good deal has happened since September! Following a tour of Verity I know that if I was living in Toronto I would love to be, and have to become, a member of this sanctuary within the city, with a beautiful lounge to pop into for a cup of tea or after work drinks or lunch, a fabulous spa, gym and pool, a florists, meeting rooms, party rooms, exquisite rooms to stay in – just divine and the vision of Mary Aitken, a close relative of Shelagh’s. Shelagh treated me to a delicious lunch in the member’s lounge and then we were joined by Chris, an old friend from IGS when our children were in the same class in primary school. It was so good to see them both again and to slip into the easy ways of old friends – taking up where we left off last time as if no time had passed! Thank you ladies for a wonderful day!


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