Shopping for two!

Shopping for two!

I don’t think we have quite got the knack of shopping for two yet – a 7lb chicken, a rib roast, ground (minced, actually!) lamb, bacon, a quart of pears and of apples, leeks, potatoes, beets, tomatoes, big Portobello mushrooms, white and Swiss brown mushroom, hummus, pesto, goats cheese, 3 litres of apple cider (juice!), and a goats milk soap! Oh, and more maple syrup – we are in Canada after all! This will last us quite some time and some of it went into the freezer for another day and some of it is already gone – hummus and pitta bread for lunch, together with carrot, cucumber and celery sticks. The Peterborough Farmer’s Market has such beautiful produce we simply can’t resist.
There is a shocking statistic that one third of the food that is produced in the world ends up in land fill. We try to ensure that none of that comes from us which is probably why we are not at our ideal weight! Currently we are making an assortment of soups and the ridiculously large chicken for 2 will be roasted tomorrow and shared with friends for lunch and leftovers made into salads, risotto, stock and more!
After our foray to the market we listened to the penultimate Deltora Quest CD – so exciting with so many twists that constantly take us by surprise! Whilst listening, I cooked a delicious (even if I say it myself! ) celeriac soup – I think celeriac is a very under-rated vegetable, this soup has a beautiful smooth texture and yet celeriac can be so crunchy and delicious in a salad!
I also knitted nearly a whole square for our Wrapped With Love blanket whilst Simon made a great deal of progress with his puzzle! All the while, snow falling outside!


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