Snowy Sunday

Snowy Sunday


And whilst we were safely tucked up inside yesterday and all night it snowed and snowed. This morning I went for a long walk to enjoy the beauty before it is ruined and it was so beautiful! I was especially lucky as, for a little moment, the sun shone and the skies were blue before they retreated into a deep grey which looked to me as if perhaps more snow was on it’s way. The Rotary Trail goes right through the heart of Peterborough but today it felt as if I was all alone in the world, with only the sound of a few birds along the way, the occasional dog barking and snow crunching beneath my boots. Me, my iPad and beautiful snow scenes to photograph.
The rest of our Sunday was spent listening to the final book in the Deltora Quest series – another gripping episode, full of twists and turns with good only just conquering evil ultimately, thank goodness! I feel it is similar to Harry Potter in that only through friends and comrades working together can evil be overcome, making a choice between right and wrong, and standing up for all you believe in, no matter the personal peril. I am sure tomorrow night we will be wondering what to do with ourselves after such a long time of being engrossed in a magical world with Leaf, Bada and Jasmine, dragons, goblins and many more interesting and fantastic characters! We will miss them!


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