Snow, sunshine, blue skies – must be a walking day!

Snow, sunshine, blue skies - must be a walking day!

It’s minus 24 outside but the sun is shining and the snow is crispy so the parent’s walking group was off for a walk! We walked along the Rotary trail again but headed off, off piste as it were (snow bashing Simon suggests we should call it!), to look over the canal at Elizabeth’s favourite spot. It was mind bogglingly beautiful with the snow on the trees sparkling in the sunlight, the river frozen and covered in a deep layer of snow but still the sound of running water underneath. Happy days!
Then off, with two lovely mums, to warm up with a cup of tea and for me a bowl of soup (weird at 10.30am I know but I enjoy it so what the heck!) at Sam’s café. I love the fact that Sam makes my tea and simply asks me which soup am I having today! Peterborough moments! A long conversation ensued about the frustrations of our children (young man in my case) have with dealing with their frustrations as a result of their learning difficulties and how we can best help them, along with the sage advice dispensed by the Arrowsmith teachers. Our Arrowsmith parents are incredibly supportive of each other, there is a level of mutual understanding of what we want and hope for for our children and our not accepting that second best is good enough for them. It makes our journey with Arrowsmith here in Peterborough so much easier and we have a good deal of fun besides, though we don’t often admit to that for fear of upsetting our husbands at home! (Sorry Michael!).
There nearly wasn’t a blog tonight as the electricity in our block was off for a few hours – we went with Sami to Nata’s café for hot drinks and a waffle for Simon. As the café filled up with other people escaping their dark homes we decided to come back. After all we had plenty of candles and our torches which we had bought to be prepared for possible electricity cuts when the big storms threatened in January. At least we didn’t have to get out the camping gas cooker we bought! Salad for dinner and then the lights came back on but in the meantime we had a great conversation with Sami that we probably wouldn’t have had if the lights had been on. And we met our neighbour too and leant him a candle! I am sure that in the days before electricity conversations were more frequent and more eloquent since there isn’t a lot else to do by candle light!


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