Another day on the computer, whilst the more adventurous Arrowsmith mums were out skating on the canal which I decided to forgo having broken my wrist quite badly whilst ice-skating in the recent past. I hope I might manage to overcome my fear before the ice skating season is over but I’m not sure I will! Anyway, whilst they were whirling around I was contemplating what we need to do live a better life. How to define a better life? Fulfilment? Contentment? One of the things I decided we should do in order to have a good life (if not better) is that we need occasionally to indulge ourselves. Such an indulgence doesn’t have to be anything fancy, my thoughts are to snuggle up on a comfy sofa and lose yourself in a good book, or watch a light-hearted movie (The Boat that Rocked would be my choice! Richard Curtis again! Vale Philip Seymour Hoffman, we lost you too soon), spend an afternoon looking through old photo albums remembering those “when we..” moments, go for a fabulous facial (there is no-one quite like Sylvia!), go for a long walk preferably near the sea or a river, or a swim at the beach, take a long bath with bath salts and lavender oil, I could go on but I won’t!

Simon and I indulged ourselves this evening, watching four episodes of the Robson Green series “Tales from Northumberland” – one of our very favourite places in the world introduced by someone who is a passionate Northumbrian. It was wonderful to see familiar places, to see the wildlife, the beautiful scenery and to listen to the fascinating, often brutal history of this special corner of England. Simon has now decided that he wants to visit all the sights that Robson Green has visited that he has not already visited and to go to the 800 castles around the UK (I think that Robson Green said 800!) There are 70 castles in Northumberland so I thought Simon could start by visiting them! Another four episodes to go so we shall indulge ourselves on another evening very soon! Thank you Jean for sending it to Simon – he so enjoyed it and so did I!

What would your indulgence be?

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