Snow angel.

Snow angel.

On our big night out tonight we were home by 8.20pm! Last night, however, was much later which is the reason there was no blog yesterday. We enjoyed our usual convivial Friday night, courtesy of Andrea and Jonathan, with Simon disappearing into the basement whilst Amanda and I chatted with Andrea over a glass of red wine, delicious cheeses and corn muffins!
A very early start, for a Saturday, courtesy of my husband wanting to “share” how wonderful the concert was he had just been to, on the Opera House steps, talking to me with a beautiful view over Sydney Harbour in the background. Our evening was very different to Michael’s – the 33rd One World Dinner – the World’s Biggest International Vegetarian Potluck. There were probably around 200 people all up and 200 dishes of delicious vegetarian food – Simon was very happy! Unfortunately I couldn’t take a photo of the amazing spread – no charge on the iPad! There were people of all ages and nationalities and we met a couple of interesting, friendly ladies at our table. The opening poem by Zly Sah was very moving and beautifully performed – I hadn’t thought poetry recitals would be of much interest to me but having seen this and watched Shane Koyczan and his “To This Day” on the internet I now think there are some contemporary poets who are amazing and certainly worth going to see (as you have said on more than one occasion, Herma!). We particularly enjoyed “The Raging Grannies”, a group of grannies who sang political folk songs to well known tunes, involving a lot of audience participation! When the tables were cleared away and the square dancing started, since Simon wasn’t keen to join in, we left. He says I have had the one and only dance I will ever have with him, at the Blue and White. I live in hope that he will change his mind! If he is going to dance, I think square dancing is the most likely, not as noisy or random as other sorts of dancing!
We were back in time to settle into Robson Green again and indulge ourselves in a visit to Northumberland, which we both so enjoyed – there are very many places we have yet to visit and others we want to re-visit!
So, all that, plus a beautiful walk along the river this morning made for a lovely Saturday! The photo is my attempt at a snow angel – at least I moved my arms this time so it doesn’t look like a scene from CSI, as Amanda observed of my last attempt!
Looking forward to a lie-in tomorrow! Simon says please don’t facetime us too early, Dad, we will call you when we get up!


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