I should have known something was amiss when Simon replied to his chiropractor, the lovely Dr Susan Gleeson, that he was “good” when she asked him how he was! More often than not there is shrug followed by “I dunno” in reply. After she has unknotted him and cracked his back, his hips, his knees and his feet, we walked along the very cold, darkening streets back to our apartment. As I sent Simon out to put out the rubbish (translate that as garbage or trash) he said to me “There’s a letter in my bag from Jill for you”. There were two letters in there so I didn’t open them as they weren’t both for me. “Oh, you can open them both” said Simon, oh-so-casually. I wasn’t concentrating, was I? I should have spotted the oh-so-casual manner so imagine my delight, surprise and pride when out came the paper on which Simon had mastered the next level of tracing! He was so thrilled with his taking me unawares and wondered how I didn’t notice that he was gleeful (his word!)!
More progress which is so exciting! I shall remind myself (and you) of the importance of this exercise tomorrow, as I find myself pondering why writing is important and why the education system no longer promotes handwriting, but for now we are going to watch “Great British Railway Journeys”. It is not only Simon who is expanding his horizons whilst we are here!


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