Did you miss us yesterday?

Did you miss us yesterday?

Sorry! Last night I went out with a new friend to a lovely little wine bar “Le Petit Bar”, had a beautiful insalata arancia and a couple of glasses of delicious Canadian pinot gris. We talked so much that Simon was settled in bed by the time I got back and I didn’t feel I could switch on the lights, my computer and start typing away. It was such a treat to have a grown-up night out in Peterborough and to get to know someone new.
Today I tried something new! New must be my new word! Cross country ski-ing with Lynette at Devil’s Elbow, a ski resort about 40 minutes or so from Peterborough. Given that Lynette has only been once and I have never been before we managed pretty well! I am not sure my technique was all it should be but we “skied” the 5 km track, followed by the 3 km track before we went inside for lunch, going from the “more difficult” to “easier” track! We weren’t quite ready for the “most difficult” track – the downhills on the “more difficult” track were scary enough! It was really good fun and I am feeling much more tired tonight than usual! Fortunately it is the beginning of the long weekend so we can have a sleep-in in the morning – yeah! Another treat!
Whilst I was cavorting around on skies, Simon attempted to master level three in tracing! Amazing so soon after mastering level two! Unfortunately he didn’t succeed but he is hoping to crack it next week!
Happy Valentines Day for tomorrow – don’t forget to tell everyone you love how much you love them!


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